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Dietary intake nutritional status and lifestyle of adolescent vegetarian and nonvegetarian girls in New Zealand (The SuNDiAL Project): Protocol for a clustered, cross-sectional survey

NZ Research Abstract

posted by Research Admin on 28 May 2020


Meredith C. Peddie
Chaya Ranasinghe
Tessa Scott
Anne-Louise M. Heath
Caroline C. Horwath
Rosalind S. Gibson
Rachel Brown
Lisa A. Houghton
Jillian J. Haszard

Year of Publication



JMIR Res Protoc 2020;9(5):e17310

Publication Type

Journal article


The objective of the SuNDiAL Project (Survey of Nutrition, Dietary Assessment, and Lifestyles) is to compare the dietary intakes and habits, nutrition status, motivations, attitudes, and physical activity of a sample of vegetarian and nonvegetarian adolescent girls in New Zealand. Recruitment and data collection were conducted in 2019. Data are currently being cleaned and analysed, with publication of the main results anticipated at the end of 2020.

Type of Study

*Study protocol, Cross-sectional

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